Why “Devon Troy Copper”?

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Why “Devon Troy Copper”?

Devon Troy Copper

Well, why not? I mean, don’t you just love how it sounds? Devon, Troy, Copper. Like a Law Firm in one of those John Grisham books.

But beyond the bourgeois name on the masthead, the critical question is, “why choose Devon Troy Copper”?

I was going to say, “why not” again, but who am I kidding? Apart from the fact that our core team is made up of certified digital marketers, top influencers, social media analysts, content creators, professionals with business-side experience, growth hackers, etc., what else do we have to offer? I mean, this unique mix makes for a core understanding of the abilities of all sides – the brands, the influencers and the social media audience all ingredients for superbly executed campaigns, but, so what?

Are we the only agency that offer bespoke strategy solutions to meet client needs? World class, yet localized activities specifically for the target market of our patrons? Are we the only ones ensuring our clients are seen, heard and admired above all the noise on Social Media? Are we the only ones who manage a team of super-creative and credible celebrity, micro and nano influencers who have reached and influenced millions across demographics? Are we?

So why Devon Troy Copper?

If you ask us, na who we go ask we will ask you to ask those who have trusted us to make them happy. When you’re done, get in touch with us.

Say hello@devontroycopper.com

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